What is MBST?

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What is MBST? RMN-ul este una dintre metodele cele mai precise si mai sofisticate varicose rmn diagnosticare, disponibila in prezent. Efectele sale terapeutice au iesit prima oara la lumina atunci cand pacientii care sufereau de osteoartrita, au raportat ca durerea lor s-a calmat in mod semnificativ, dupa ce au facut varicose varicose rmn RMN. Aceste rapoarte au fost sursa de inspiratie pentru echipa MedTec sa investigheze in continuare acest fenomen si in cele din urma a condus la dezvoltarea de MBST ® Terapia cu Rezonanta Magnetica.

Diseases such as osteoarthritis degenerative joint disease and osteoporosis low bone mineral density and weak bones often impose important restrictions upon people. Varicose rmn pain, limited mobility and fragile bones are caused by the degeneration or wear of certain types of tissue.

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In most of these cases, the signals stimulating cell metabolism varicose rmn cartilage and bone regeneration in the body do not work properly. Oamenii de stiinta au descoperit mai intai efectele campurilor electromagnetice asupra celulelor umane la inceputul secolului Astazi, suntem constienti ca aceste campuri electromagnetice, nu afecteaza numai celulele, dar ca acest varicose rmn difera in functie de tipul de camp electromagnetic.

In termeni simpli, s-ar putea spune ca nu exista doua campuri electromagnetice identice — de aceea este important sa se explice ca MBST ® Terapia cu Rezonanta Magnetica, actioneaza asupra rotatiei nucleare.

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The varicose rmn rmn that the natural metabolic processes of a body are partially controlled by electromagnetic fields, through exposure, positively affects the cellular structures using an external device, such as the MBST ® Magnetic Resonance Therapy, which was designed to act on specific tissues e.

No secondary effects. MBST® does not involve a surgical intervention. Your physician will inform you on any possible counter indications the criteria and conditions under which magnetic resonance therapy should not be used. Is MBST® therapy painful? Nuclear magnetic resonance therapy does varicose rmn cause any unpleasant effects, regardless of whether it treats osteoarthritis or osteoporosis.

The only sensations that the patients resent are a slight tingling or heat sensation in the treated area, but they are always regarded as pleasant and beneficial.

What is MBST?

Are there certain aspects that should be taken into account before starting the treatment? The treatment requires no special preparation and may be started immediately. Can the electromagnetic field varicose rmn by MBST® negatively affect the body? Magnetic resonance therapy works similarly as magnetic resonance imagining MRIwhich uses very varicose rmn electromagnetic fields EM fields. Because these electromagnetic fields generated by the MBST® devices are 10, weaker than the ones used by MRIs, this makes them perfectly safe and there have never been any negative effects associated to their use.

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What can be done to support MBST ® therapy? MBST® Magnetic Resonance Therapy is the most efficient treatment, in case the damaged tissue cells host a large quantity of fluid.

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Hence, you should drink large quantities of water, juice, tea or other non-alcoholic drinks at least 1. Hence, our recommendation is that you engage in a form of physical varicose rmn, such as walking. Nonetheless, please make sure you do not exercise excessively.

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Always check with your doctor before engaging in any type of physical activity. Can MBST ® therapy be resumed?

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If your doctor recommends it, you may resume the MBST therapy. However, there should be a break between the treatment sessions, and you should always check with your doctor before resuming the therapy sessions.

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However, the patient should be examined and all MBST ® counter indications should be excluded beforehand. The physical differences between the traditional EM fields and the nuclear magnetic resonance ones are considerable. In physical terms, nuclear magnetic resonance is a completely different process from electromagnetic resonance.

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This leads to an extremely efficient varicose rmn transfer into the tissue. Even though MBST® is similar to the traditional magnetic field devices at a superficial level, it is absolutely unique in the nuclear magnetism technology developed by MedTec, for which the patents have been applied for at a global level, and they have already been granted in a number of countries e.

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Always make sure that the MBST® devices bear the original logo. LaurusMedical Appointments.